Marketing Communication

There are three areas you need to think about when marketing
and these have to be in harmony with each other if one is
missing or even slightly off then the whole thing will not

Message – What have you got to say to the prospect?

Market – Who is the prospect? What type of business are
they in or what type of person are they?

Media – How are you going to get the message to the market,
or what tools do you need? Does your target use the internet
read certain newspapers or trade journals etc?

Most businesses partake in marketing incest, just follow the
crowd, we look at our competitors and see what they are doing
and think this is how we get customers, as that’s how they must
be getting customers – What we don’t think is that perhaps they
are doing it that way because, just like us, they saw someone else
doing it like that and thought the same and no one is getting any
customers from this.

Don’t be a sheep, look outside your industry and plan to be

Extraordinary Marketing

Are you scared or prepared?

Seem a strange question? well it’s not in this day and age
because I would say, although most businesses I meet are lucky
enough to have a good attitude on the outside, internally they
may be petrified that business is not coming in as quickly as
they would like and that they may not be able to grow or even
survive in the coming months.

In the current climate and the possibility of a double dip
recession who is going to survive? Well I can safely say that
those who are doing what they have always done or those who try
to save money by stopping all promotion will be having a hard time,
what used to work doesn’t any more.

But those businesses who decide point blank not to partake in the
recession who plan to succeed and have a step by step tried and
tested system that works and have bullet proof follow up – Now
they will be the businesses who will drive the economy back to
its feet.

So how’s your plan, your follow up systems? just a thought and worth
spending a little time on.

Have a great day and PLAN TO SUCCEED!

Marketing Plans

heres a few quick questions that I raised at an event
I was presenting at recently.
1. Do you currently do any marketing for your business?

2. If you do, do you have a set aside, know what to spend where,
marketing budget?

3. Do you have a step by step strategic marketing plan that is
stand alone and not part of your start up or ongoing business plan?

4. Do you have a web site, flyers, brochures, business cards, a
corporate identity, an advert in the yellow pages, a sign written
vehicle, premises with signage outside, do you go networking and
do you have sales people?
The list in question four is just a few areas of marketing that
people use to promote their businesses, if you answered no to the
first question but yes to anything on that list then you are doing
some marketing but if you answered no to questions two and three then
you are probably marketing to the wrong people with the wrong message
at the wrong time.

If you do not know what works where and do not have a budget and a
plan you will be seduced by the salespeople who call your office daily
all promising the world but only interested in their commission and not
in the least bit interested in you or your business success.

When they phone you may just be at a low ebb knowing you need to do some
form of promotion and this guy makes his thing sound the bees knees so why
not give it a go….!! Not a great way to do business.

I cannot stress this enough, PLAN TO SUCCEED!

Virtual Marketing

So have you spent some time thinking about how to make your
business stand out from the crowd? how to find your own market?

If you truly cannot think of any way you could make your business appear unique
how about picking one area of your business and pitching a specific
niche? For instance if you are an insurance broker why not specialise
in one area and be the expert in all things property?

If you promote yourself in one perticular area and pitch this just to those
people who want that thing then they are more likely to say “Hey these
people are the experts, I want to do business with them”

Give it some thought and as ever just let me know if you need any help.
If you are struggling we do have a service called
The Virtual Marketing Director where we help businesses of all
sizes create a plan and then stick to it so they can stand out
and gain great success whatever the economy.

find out more here

Stand Out Marketing

In an earlier post I started to share with you what
I see as the number one saviour of businesses and that is direct
response style marketing.

Did you know that on average we see 2700 pieces of marketing
everyday, honest just think about it, from the minute we open
our eyes and put coffee or tea in our cup to the moment we go
to bed – just walking into a supermarket with thousands of items
fighting for your attention. We have become a brand aware society
and every business takes advantage of it trying to carve their
little corner of the sky.

So standing out in any market today is harder than ever so here
is a top tip.

Create your own market, it may not be easy but it’s definitely
worth spending some time thinking of ways you can do this. If
you are reading this and thinking that it is impossible as your
business is so normal and the market saturated just think about
this story.

Imagine going to the bank and asking for investment capital to
start up a simple coffee shop. What street in the western world
does not have at least one place selling coffee, there is not a
world shortage of coffee. Then to add to that put very slow
moving youths behind the counter so it takes an age to get
served and you are going to make the coffee menu so complicated
there are over 8 thousand variations and you need a PHD to order
plus you want to charge 4 times what everyone else is charging.

recognise the above scenario? welcome to Starbucks! it has become
worldwide success by taking an ordinary business, you can’t get
more ordinary than selling a cup of coffee, but at Starbucks it’s
not about the coffee.

so think on how can you make your business extraordinary and if
you want a hand get in touch, it’s what we do.

Direct Response Marketing

So what is direct response? well traditional marketing and
advertising has always been very ego driven or shall we say
all about the image, direct response is what makes new clients
pick up the phone, fill out the form, say yes to the meeting or
just buy the thing you offer as quickly as they can.

By using elements of direct response in everything you do you
will find it easier to track how much money you made in direct
relation to how much you spent therefore knowing your return on

wouldn’t it be great to have a system that you knew 100% for
certain that if you spent £10 on Monday you had £30 in the bank
on Thursday? with good direct response that is easily possible
and makes the whole new business acquisition a breeze.

Target your Market!


Don’t fail to determine specifically who your perfect client is and what their wants and needs are

Ninety percent of businesses never seem to precisely determine who their perfect client is, and what the desires, needs, wants, and passions of the prospects in the market are.

This is a crazy mistake to make and can be avoided with a little preparation in your marketing.

The successful marketer can tell you precisely who they are targeting, and what they want in a product or service.  He can tell you his best prospect’s approximate age, location, education, how much they earn and other critical information.  You must know the who first, and then you can focus on the why. Identify your market and then you can work on the message that will entice them to do business with you, and this will make it look like magic.

Why do your customers buy from you?  What do your customers want or need most in the products or services you offer?  Remember, you need to focus on discovering what the “why” is so that you can focus your marketing efforts on showing your prospects that you can meet the “why” in the most satisfactory fashion.

Think about it…. how can you expect to adequately fill someone’s needs if you never take the time to understand them?  It’s simple, yet few companies ever bother to work at meeting their customers’ needs.

Companies that are successful with their marketing understand their customers’ needs and attempt to satisfy those needs better than the competition.

If you want to dominate your market place, find out what your customers really want. Discover their desires, their passions and their wants. People buy what they want so search out these passions and needs.  Once you have this information, you will be ready to be the only choice in your market.

More Marketing tips!


Not focusing your business and marketing on your customers needs.

This may seem obvious but take a look through your yellow pages.  Pick it up and just flick through and ask this question, are the ads telling you what benefits you get if you become a customer?  Or are the ads telling you about the companies, where they are, how wonderful they are, what they do, how great their quality is, how great their service is, and all about them?

95% of the ads are totally focused on the business and not on what the business can do for YOU, the prospect!

Pay attention to adverts in newspapers, on the television, and even on radio.  You’ll find the same thing happening in those places, consistently, every day.  This type of image “look at me” advertising is stupid “institutional” advertising that is usually recommended by most marketers or ad agencies.

Institutional advertising produces, at best, deferred results, but usually is a complete waste of your much needed resources both financially and in the time it takes to create. Most businesses do not have the budget of Coca Cola so why should you try and compete.

You know it’s institutional advertising when it tells you how great the company is, or how old and stable they are, or some other fluffy, fancy look at me style content and non-compelling buffoonery.

Selfishness in your marketing message is what kills it and makes it ineffectual. Whether it be brochures, flyers, sales letters, advertisements, web sites, newsletters or eblasts your marketing message should let your prospects know that you are concerned ONLY WITH WHAT THEY WANT!

Anything about you should always come last.  Your clients, customers, patrons, patients… whatever you choose to call them, should always come first.

All marketing materials you create should focus on what the prospects want and need.  Every sentence should show that you understand their wants and needs.

So always remember when creating a new marketing message WIIFT – What’s in it For Them!

Marketing on TV

Just a short blog this morning as I was prompted to write something about live marketing and the use of events after watching Larkrise to Candleford on the BBC last night, this is one of the best costume dramas currently on TV and it always carries a moral or message of some kind alongside the great filming, scripts and acting.

Last nights show had some great lessons in Marketing for any business, if you do not know or have not seen the program then there is a couple of sisters who run the local dress shop, Candlefords answer to Selfridges, and they had fallen on hard times due to lack of business (does this have any resonance with you?) well they decided to take matters into their own hands and create an event to bring in customers and thanks their friends and neighbours for all the support they give.

Could you do this? how could you create awareness for your product, service or business using an event of some kind?

You could use an exhibition of your work, a thank you cocktail party where everyone has to bring a guest who is not a current customer, hire a venue and throw a small Thanks for the Business party. You could have product demonstrations, free seminars, fashion shows (this is what the sisters Pratt did in Candleford) there are endless possibilities that you should consider and if you want to discuss any way we could help then let us know. always remember that it is the businesses who are being proactive and standing above the crowd that will get noticed so be Extraordinary in your Marketing efforts, get off your backside and get those customers.

With luck and prosperity for today and the future.

John Danbury, Extraordinary Marketing.

Top Marketing Tip 10

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Best of luck.